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Centre Parcs. Bears.

Freelance storyboard artist London

It’s really interesting when I see how my frames compare to the finished commercial. Production company storyboard frames differ from advertising agency frames as they don’t have to be so ‘whizzy’ and ‘colourful’ because they are concerned with the practicality of filming for the director.

Nestle Pure Life

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A conceptual advertising agency colour storyboard for a phone company.

storyboard artist

Black and white line storyboard.

A lot of the storyboards I create are just in black and white line, maybe it’s because you can get more completed in a day than if you opt for colour. Production crews don’t often need colour frames when out shooting, so clear line work is all that is required.

Freelance storyboard artist London storyboard kunstenaar Amsterdam

Blue Dragon TV ident.

A couple of colour storyboard frames for a daytime TV ident.

storyboard artist London

Swisse TV ad featuring Alesha Dixon.

Working at both agency and production ends of the storyboarding process gives me a very thorough understanding of the requirements of the role of a storyboard artist. For example, a pitch storyboard has to do something completely different to a production one. Often, you have to combine elements of both to save time.

Freelance storyboard artist London Alesha Dixon

freelance storyboard artist London

JD Williams TV ad featuring Lorraine Kelly.

It’s really interesting seeing how Christmas TV ads develop throughout the year. The earliest I’ve worked on one has been in January. Working for both content/social media/ad agencies and production companies, I’ve developed a style which I believe is somewhere between an agency and a production style storyboard.

Freelance storyboard artist London

storyboard artist