Hugo Boss. Own your Journey storyboard.

More Hugo Boss storyboards, drawing production frames featuring the great Lewis Hamilton. I enjoy working on content storyboards, it’s a lot more involved and I can often place a lot of creative input in to the filming.

Freelance storyboard artist London

Hugo Boss. Summer of Ease storyboard.

A little while ago I was working as the storyboard artist on the Hugo Boss ‘Summer of Ease’ campaign that features Sebastian Stan and Romee Strijd, producing clean simple production frames for client approval and to assist the crew. A lot of the work I do now is content, and often runs a lot longer than the traditional thirty second TV commercial. It’s also very considered and they are really more like short films than ads. This project involved input from location scouts and other crew to get it nailed down really tight.

Freelance storyboard artist London Hugo Boss

10 second TV ident storyboard

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Infiniti. Banner ad storyboard.

I’ve been completing a lot of storyboards for digital agencies and production companies of late, and it’s amazing how much of my work is now for online content more so than traditional TV adverts. I now regularly see short films and ads I’ve helped visualise on You Tube, and I imagine that I’ll be doing more and more of this. I love creating bespoke storyboards, knowing that the digitally drawn conceptual nature of my work gives the director the artistic freedom and scope to interpret the frames really freely at the film shoot.

Freelance storyboard artist London

storyboard artist London


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Black and white production storyboard.

Freelance storyboard artist London

Standard Life. World Class.

A quick turnaround black and white storyboard for Standard Life featuring Andy Murray, if I remember correctly this was pretty much completed the day before the shoot. A lot of my work has very tight deadlines and was required yesterday.

Freelance storyboard artist London Andy Murray

storyboard artist London

‘Lycra Dad’ short film storyboard.

A film based on Murray Lachlan Young’s poem ‘Lycra Dad’, directed by Gray Hughes.

Freelance film storyboard artist London

Royal Enfield. ‘Pegasus’ storyboard.

A launch film storyboard for the iconic Royal Enfield ‘Pegasus’ motorbike, named after the famous ‘Pegasus Bridge’, and based on the Enfield Flying Flea that was produced from the 1930s through to the 1960s and saw extensive wartime use.

Freelance storyboard artist London Royal Enfield Pegasus

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